Meet Me WednesdayS
Waiver of Liability

For your own safety, we urge you not to participate in our activities unless you are sufficiently physically fit and not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that could affect your health. You must agree to the following conditions before participation in your first run/walk or any future run/ walk sponsored by St. Philip’s Plaza, Reforma Cocina and Cantina, Meet Me Concepts, Southern Arizona Roadrunners, Tucson Medical Center, The Running Shop, Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Ortho, Hager’s Journeys, Cenpatico Integrated Care, ProActive Physical Therapy, Tucson Racquet and Fitness and Center for Neurosciences. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry into a Meet Me Concepts event, and for any incident that occurs at any Meet Me Concepts event, I hereby, for myself and my heirs, executors and administrators, waive any and all rights, claims and damages I may have against the above named sponsors, coordinating groups, Meet Me Concepts, LLC, Run Tucson, CS Ventures, LLC, St. Philip’s Plaza, Reforma Cocina and Cantina, Southern Arizona Roadrunners, Pima County, volunteers and any individuals associated with said event. Also, none of the above is responsible for the loss of personal items, nor any other form of aggravation in connection with said event. I understand that my participation in my first run/ walk and any future run/ walk is strictly voluntary on my part.  I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for any injuries that I may suffer while participating in the run/ walk activities of Meet Me WednesdayS. I have been warned I must be in good health to participate in the event. I understand that this event may take place in high heat with all attendant risks and may take place in darkness, with all attendant risks. I agree to obey all traffic laws and to walk/ run defensively. I also give permission for the free use of my name and picture in any broadcast, telecast, digital or print media account of this event. In filling out this form, I acknowledge I have read and fully understand my own liability and do accept the restrictions.

I agree to obey all traffic laws and to walk/run defensively.