Date Run Returning New Kids Total Notes
2017-12-13280743387Great night for Nachos at Reforma! Thanks to everybody for being there.
2017-12-06279612065It's finally getting chilly out there. Tonight announced that Jonathan will be our new Event Director, starting next Wednesday.
2017-11-22277433149Nice to have so many people on Thanksgiving Eve!!
2017-11-15276763386Perfect evening. Lot's of people in Stretch and Strength.
2017-10-25273701075Beautiful weather and beautiful sunset!
2017-10-182727010184It was warm, but wonderful at MMW.
2017-10-11271673377Lot's of horsing around tonight. See photos!
2017-10-04270605170A bit warm for fall, but everyone sure seemed happy.
2017-09-27269761182What a great group we had for Stretch and Strength on their first night back!
2017-09-20268562264No more 100 degree days! Hooray!
2017-09-13267416150The clouds brought some welcome cool.
2017-09-06266467259What a lovely night for a walk!
2017-08-28265400143It was muggy, but lots of smiles!
2017-08-23264445254For the first time, we cancelled because of lightning and rain. But we had a blast over nachos and wine inside the Reforma patio.
2017-08-16263403046First evening back out on the lawn.
2017-08-09262462151It was a hot an muggy one for sure, but that didn't stop us!
2017-07-26260590061At least it didn't rain.
2017-07-19259342139The storms were all around us, but we still had a wonderful time. Nan earned her Double Century shirt!!
2017-07-12258491052The rain held off perfectly!
2017-07-05257372245Another warm one...thanks to Body Works for providing a great class indoors.
2017-06-28256461051Time to move MMW to a later time for the summer months.
2017-06-21255294035Is another hot but wonderful water fight night!
2017-06-14254570262It was a water fight and a hit all around!
2017-06-07253531260It was a warm one, but we all gathered in the very big family!
2017-05-31252762183First time having check-in on the Reforma patio. Nice social time after.
2017-05-24251653069It was a warm one for sure!
2017-05-17250845295Daniel lead the DocWalk one more time, so we could practice. What fun!
2017-05-1024911582130Summer Docwalk was a hit!
2017-05-0324881123101First time at MMW for The Core...Molly and Tara did BMI, BP and weight on everyone. They love our new location.
2017-04-2624798132118It's warming up, but no one seems to mind.
2017-04-19246101113121Nice field trip with 55 of us to Tucson Village Farm,
2017-04-12245841293Planning a field trip next week to Tucson Village Farm!
2017-03-2224211963135Threat of weather but it was a perfect evening. 26 of us had dinner together at Reforma. It was such fun!
2017-03-15241104163130Moved to the west side of courtyard...much more shade...nice!
2017-03-0824011462134Party at Reforma brought lots of newbies!
2017-03-0123911482130Pilates Walk was a hit!!
2017-02-15237104112122A little windy and chilly, but also beautiful. Tutu Wednesday is next week!!
2017-02-08236128112146Another gorgeous night...lots of newbies too.
2017-02-01235123175151What a perfect Tucson evening!! Wow!!
2017-01-252349340101Chilly night, but such positive energy!!
2017-01-18233105174132What fun with lots of neighbors attending. So many prizes too!
2017-01-11232142334201 Perfect night for our commit to be fit ceremony for 2017.
2017-01-0423111073126So much excitement about our event next week, "Commit to be Fit 2017" Be there!!
2016-12-282308668109Another wonderful evening...nice crowd and nice weather.
2016-12-21229778294Festive pre-Christmas walk/run.
2016-12-142289883117What a perfect winter evening in Tucson.
2016-12-07227825293First night with DocWalk finishing at Body Works. Farmers Market seemed to do better.
2016-11-30226872194First chilly evening.
2016-11-2322596114115Thanksgiving Eve
2016-11-09223125142145Perfect fall evening. Garmin came to let us "test drive" the Garmin watch.
2016-11-0222212494141Not bad attendance up against the Cubs winning the World Series!
2016-10-26221130153161Fall is in the air. Hola One shoes were there for trying shoes. Great night!
2016-10-19220136175174Weather is officially perfect for MMW!! So nice to have the Jukebox Junqies play for us!!
2016-10-05218142295190Perfect fall evening for our third MMW!
2016-09-28217130303178On and off rainy night scared lots of folks away. 🙁
2016-09-21216152706250What an amazing start to Meet Me WednesdayS!!!
2016-05-0421511467145Our last MMLE! Everyone was excited that we are going to St. Philips Plaza. Celebrated with a cake.
2016-04-1321290114113Beautiful! Three week left to May 4!!!
2016-04-062118374100What a perfect Tucson evening!!
2016-03-3021069204102What a perfect night and so many newbies...sad to announce that we have to leave La Encantada. But will re-emerge soon.
2016-03-232096115284Lots of newbies tonight.
2016-03-162087013394Perfect evening! Ava, Joan and Jim taught us to say, "GET OUT!" in sign language!
2016-03-09207739291Three 200 awards for Will Dobbs and Susan and John Lelli! And Peggy Langert got her Century shirt!! Harmons visited from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
2016-02-24205798297Emerson got his Century Shirt and the family brought a cake for everyone to celebrate! Roger and Tamara's last night at MMLE.
2016-02-1720486124108Nice crowd on a beautiful evening.
2016-02-102036210280What a perfect Tucson evening. Celebrated Beauty Brands as new Meet Me business at their open house.
2016-02-03202476055It is so cold, and yet such warm people!!
2016-01-20200570571What a perfect evening...finally!! Moved across the courtyard near the Apple Store. Everything worked so much better.
2016-01-13199603474What fun! Chilly, but so much activity that no one was cold!
2016-01-06198511360Lot's of energy tonight and we welcomed Hager's Journey's as a new sponsor.
2015-12-31197575372Chilly and beautiful!! Lots of us had dinner at The Living Room after. Nice!!
2015-12-24196483256What fun!! Gary did an amazing job as emcee!!! Thanks Gary!
2015-12-02194576272Nice winter night at MMLE!
2015-11-25193555270What a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve in Tucson!
2015-11-18192615275Chilly and beautiful!!!
2015-11-11191796394Fall is in the air! Nice crowd tonight.
2015-11-06190627275First chilly night of the season.
2015-10-14188638381Nice, albeit soggy, evening. Emerge came to promote Domestic Abuse Month. Interval Walking had lots of folks!!
2015-10-07187648280Fall is here!!
2015-09-30186502259I little warm but wonderful.
2015-09-231855812278Beautiful evening for MMLE. Teavana brought us a wonderful gift for our raffle.
2015-09-16184638386Great night with TMC and The Heart Association. Also had Big Brothers Big Sisters as our guests.
2015-09-09183658178Even with a breakdown in our registration system it was a wonderful night. Starting to grow again in cooler weather.
2015-09-021825010064A beautiful evening!!!
2015-08-26181522159Chloe lead Stretch and Strength for first time. We loved it! Norm Hanniger was welcomed back to MMLE.
2015-08-19180466156It was a hot one, but we sure had fun!
2015-08-121794813167Looked like rain, but it all turned out great.
2015-08-05178465055Hot but happy!!
2015-07-29177736285Several new people and so much energy. Sadly we bid farewell to Monique from Red Monkey and thanked her for her role in making MMLE so special.
2015-07-22176638176Rain threatened, but was a no-show. Great night!!
2015-07-15175786290Missed the storms again!!
2015-07-0817484172106Shawn and Susan lead Stretch and Strength...the "family" making it all work of all of us.
2015-07-011736811285Thought we would be rained out, but it was perfect!!
2015-06-2417282112104The weather turned out to be nice and it was a great evening!
2015-06-10170104222132Some like it hot!!
2015-06-031698880100It was a warm one, but lots of people had chair massage and Zumba in The Core.
2015-05-27168110142130Warm but wonderful!!
2015-05-20167819298Just starting to get warm, but that didn't stop us. A wonderful MMLE!!
2015-05-1316688102106Gorgeous weather. Great Rock the Ages class before MMLE...talked about being younger and younger through exercise, healthy eating and community. So much energy at MMLE...and five free ice creams from Isabella's Ice Cream!
2015-04-221638962101 Beautiful spring evening Mike did mini fitness assessments for us.
2015-04-1516282152104Windy but wonderful!!
2015-04-08161101122121Dr. Jon Wang talked about exercise without injury.
2015-04-0116078223110Randy was in charge tonight and it made for a good time!!
2015-03-25159104104123Perfect evening and so much going on! Patricia got her Century shirt!
2015-03-181584811059A soggy soggy night at MMLE. But that didn\'t stop us! Pat Rafferty and Dr. Jim Hudson earned their Century shirts.
2015-03-11157126264168What a wonderful birthday party for MMLE!! An all-time record for Stretch and Strength!! We celebrated in The Core and it could not have been better.
2015-03-0415697122115What a beautiful Tucson evening! Army was there too.
2015-02-251559563111A little chilly, but no problem. So much happening tonight! Norm got his Century Shirt.
2015-02-18154100113119Wow!!! Perfect evening!
2015-02-11153110252143A little windy, but beautiful! Several athletes earned shirts and caps...nice! New gift certificate from Poppy Kitchen in La Paloma.
2015-02-0415298212130What a beautiful evening. Pierini Jewelers gave us a beautiful cuff and Teavana gave a gift bag full of wonderful tea products. Lots of prizes!!
2015-01-2815178133108Perfect Tucson evening! BC Dance a big hit with PiYo!
2015-01-21150116186147A chilly but great night! Tim Bentley and Dr. Jim both got their Century shirts! Lots of awards and lots of prizes! Egoscue was a big hit. The DocWalk, as usual, was this most popular, thanks to our wonderful docs.
2015-01-1414986124110Nice night and a nice crowd!
2015-01-0714898364164Perfect evening!!! Yoga in The Core and so much excitement!!
2014-12-1714732135Cold and constant rain. Can you believe how many came?? Did Stretch and Strength in The Core as well as Tai Chi. It was really something!!
2014-12-1014689195119PiYo with BC Dance was such fun. Big crowd for MMLE tonight. Lots of prizes!
2014-12-031455817283Had a visit from Lorna Jane, a coming-up-soon fitness clothing store in LE. Nice evening in 75 degree weather!!
2014-11-26144568270What a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve!
2014-11-191436413287Beautiful cool evening. BC Dance brought us \"Insanity\"! Their crowd kept growing! Thanks to Pima Federal Credit Union for joining us tonight.
2014-11-121428444103Zumba was a big hit. Thanks Red Monkey! And weather is perfect!!
2014-11-051416014381Lots of people in Tai Chi and in Yoga for Dancers. What fun!
2014-10-2914088184122Beautiful evening. Too bad we didn\'t have a sound system for the Fairy Dance. Beautiful evening!!
2014-10-221397216498Beautiful Tucson evening. Lots of people in all of the classes. We love it!!!
2014-10-1513875246113What a perfect evening to begin Tai Chi. And our Stretch and Strength with Red Monkey was a huge hit!! Wow!!
2014-10-08137549269It poured rain before, after and some during, but that didn\'t stop us!!! BC Dance had 30 people in their first class at MMLE. Thanks, BC Dance!
2014-10-01136688283Beautiful fall evening for MMLE. Dr. Michele Ley (UAMC) spoke about breast cancer.
2014-09-241357283101Lots of folks tonight...huge Stretch and Strength. Problem with registration, so count could be off.
2014-09-10134545368A beautiful evening. Will is back and the crowd had a good time. Nice dinner at Firebird\'s for 12 of us.
2014-09-03133443455Hot but wonderful!!
2014-08-271325211572Nice mild summer evening. Thanks Pierini for your beautiful gift.
2014-08-201316310280We missed the rain!! A great night. Army Strong was with us!!
2014-08-131304612469A beautiful Tucson evening! Lots of docs for the DocWalk. Get out!!!
2014-08-06129487263Such a nice night for MMLE! Melanie was awesome in Stretch and Strength and DocWalk...and Monique brought a neat stretch class from Red Monkey. Will did his usual good job as MC. Another beautiful MMLE evening! 🙂
2014-07-301285511272Laughter Yoga was the hit of the evening! Thanks Red Monkey!
2014-07-23127594473Sprinkles of rain, but a wonderful night. Dr. Peg gave a little \"pep talk\" during the DocWalk. Nice! 🙂
2014-07-16126618275A nice cool Tucson evening. Lots of Army Strong. Lots of docs for DocWalk. Red Monkey did yoga. Nice!!
2014-07-02124374250Hot, hot, hot, but who cares??!!
2014-06-25123419256Lot\'s of volunteers on vacation...and more filling in. A very nice night!!
2014-06-18122479264Volunteers are such a blessing!! Thank you everyone!
2014-06-111216010277Volunteers are so wonderful!! Went without a hitch!
2014-06-041206412485Not too hot for MMLE! Nice time was had by all!!
2014-05-28119654277The misters helped keep us cool. Zumba was a hit again and the DocWalk had the biggest group. Five doctors tonight! Erik took lots of photos.
2014-05-211185416280What a nice night. Red Monkey's Zumba class was crowded, but the DocWalk "ruled". Will did a great job as MC and a good time was had by all. The number is smaller, but only because the Army group was not there tonight. We had 16 new people!! Then we resumed for more fun at Blanco...delightful!
2014-05-14117724282Got our new orange Century Shirts!! Lots's of Army. HH at Firebird's
2014-05-071169674111WE managed to dodge the heat for one more Wednesday. Our Army friends brought "Army Strong" shirts and water bottle for our drawing! Thanks!!
2014-04-3011583124104A great night. Lots of Army recruits. Will did an outstanding job as MC. First night with new weekly Frost gift certificates!
2014-04-231149064107Beautiful evening...both Dr. Peg and Dr. Jolene at DocWalk. Stretch and Strength was huge. Red Monkey class was full. Nice!
2014-04-1611387114110Perfect Tucson evening! The DocWalk was the biggest event by far! Three new supporting restaurants. Firebirds, El Cisne and Frost! Nice dinner at Firebirds.
2014-04-09112100114121The weather was perfect. Yoga class was full! Lots of fun at North afterward. Three docs for the DocWalk. We love MMLE!!
2014-04-0211093136121Windy and cool, but turned out to be perfect. First time to have closing ceremonies at starting point. Nice turnout and nice feedback! Partied at Blanco afterward. Nice!
2014-03-26109127134152It was a great night for our 2nd birthday party. We roasted Tim!!
2014-03-191088286100New physician, Dr. Jolene Hardy joined DocWalk
2014-03-12107105194132What a perfect Tucson evening. Dr. Chilvers here to be a doc on our DocWalk. She is a foot and ankle specialist. Welcome Dr. Chilvers!
2014-03-06106100115122What a perfect evening! Red Monkey did a class on strength training with a towel! Dr. Peg Chilvers spoke about foot injuries and then joined the DocWalk. She will join us next week as one of our docs! Nice!!
2014-02-2610595193123John & Susan Lelli got to 100X tonight! Nice!
2014-02-1910410494125Beautiful Tucson evening!
2014-02-1210310310312172 Degrees at the start! Perfect.
2014-02-05102801490A little chilly!
2014-01-2910188143111The weather was awesome!
2014-01-159988163111Busy night!
2014-01-1198353648BEYOND…special MMLE and a walk with the Mayor
2014-01-0897767187Nice weather and a cheerful crowd
2014-01-0196464357Happy New Year! We had Fun!!! Perfect weather to ring in the New Year!!
2013-12-2395523667MMM tonight!
2013-12-1894805392Dinner Call Out at Blanco!
2013-12-1193714384Warm tonight!
2013-12-04926313284First cold night. We warmed the place up! TRX tonight too!
2013-11-2791447769Thanksgiving Eve!
2013-11-209082173109We're 90!
2013-11-138994165122We packed the patio at North!
2013-11-068884163110UAMC gave 1st talk in their series. Weather was brisk!
2013-10-308790611114Halloween - It was a graveyard smash!
2013-10-238699125122Beautiful night!
2013-10-16857986100Randy hosted. Last day of the summer route 🙁
2013-10-0984706789Windy at first, then settled into a perfect night!
2013-10-02839195112Weather was perfect!
2013-09-25829985118First night at North!
2013-09-18817910699Jannie & Dave are back tonight! Welcome home!
2013-09-1180819599Randy hosted!
2013-09-0479644376Peter & Cornelia celebrate 9th Anniversary!
2013-08-2878695585Randy hosted!
2013-08-21776715593Kerry & Linda back from Colorado and Petra makes a return visit. Cool!
2013-08-1476713283Armitage 6th Anniversary. So we partied in the courtyard!
2013-08-0775689689Dr. Jim gets a 50 pin!
2013-07-3174618684Last day of July. Our school kids are ready to head back to school. Well, at least their parents are ready!
2013-07-2473657585Muggy, but a breeze helped a lot!
2013-07-177278114101Jannie was here and it was great!
2013-07-10716019995Perfect and overcast!
2013-07-0370564265Nice evening, but still HOT!!!
2013-06-2669488467Week before July 4th,
2013-06-1968536772We took over the courtyard!
2013-06-126772146100Hot, but lots of 'cool' people!
2013-06-056671204103Jannie & Dave back for a day...
2013-05-296588116114A rare 5th Wednesday - fun!
2013-05-22646418797Awesome views again!
2013-05-1563657785Warm, but a beautiful sunset
2013-05-08629616512378 and perfect!
2013-04-246092173115Beautiful evening.
2013-04-175995175123Boston memorial
2013-04-1058100135122A bit chilly tonight, but beautiful!
2013-04-035795257130Beautiful evening!
2013-03-275695274131Beautiful Tucson evening!
2013-03-205587163111Spring break so lots of people were away.
2013-03-1354108253144Perfect evening!
2013-03-0653151154174First birthday party and scavenger hunt!!
2013-02-2051315036Snowing hard!!
2012-07-25211005012162Nice night
2012-05-02996238127Beautiful night
2012-01-050335038BEYOND EVENT