February 10, 2013

Meet Me at La Encantada
February 10, 2013
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Brought to you by
Meet Me Concepts,
Jannie Cox and Randy Accetta

Mission of Meet Me at La Encantada…
is to bring adults and families to La Encantada to
enjoy healthy exercise, experience the beauty and ambiance of the foothills setting and to appreciate
and patronize local businesses.
Meet Me at La Encantada (MMLE) meets every Wednesday and is FREE. Check-in from 5:15 to 6:30 pm. Walk, run, Walkout, T’ai Chi and MMLE Strength every week, and more on alternating Wednesdays.
Restaurant discounts with MMLE hand stamp.
Bring all the kids, Mom and Dad, Aunt Bertha
and the family dog! Just be there!


MMLE celebrates
1st birthday on
March 6

MMLE goes paperless on 2/20

By popular demand…
“Bring a friend” extended to March!! 

Drawing will be at 6:45 all winter

Every photo on website!!
Click here

Attendance January 30: 102

See website for complete stats
and list of athletes

See homepage for shirts, visors, etc.


MMLE to have 1st birthday
March 6…let’s party!

Your MMLE volunteers are putting together a birthday celebration for MMLE. Stayed tuned for details coming soon. But mark your calendar TODAY!!!


Extended until our 1st birthday!!
Nice job bringing new people!! Let’s keep it going. Bring a friend next week…you will receive a second raffle ticket. Just ask for a second ticket when bring your friend to the check-in table. Let’s grow our MMLE athletes for our first birthday party…March 6!!

Going Paperless!!
We hope 🙂
February 20
We are going to streamline check-in and data management for MMLE. Please bear with us as we give this a try February 20…yes it has been delayed. Want to be sure it works! 🙂 You will check in electronically. With any luck, the data will all go exactly where it belongs, including updates on the website. 🙂 Soon you will be able to check in on your smartphone. Neat, eh?

Drawing at 6:45 every Wednesday
until it gets warm and light!!



Click here for ALL photos from this week, as we
cannot fit them all in the newsletter.


“MMLEStrength” for a 30-minute functional
workout. Jump in!!
Every Wednesday at 5:20!
Awaken every muscle in your body with the most  simple and effective body-weight exercises!
It’s a blast too!
Quality Strength

Get Centered!!
T’ai Chi Boost…
every Wednesday!
6 pm

T’ai Chi Boost

Revised running/walking route

MMLE Map 11-9-12
Follow the arrows…white to yellow to blue

 This route is designed to provide safe running areas,
with lighting and crosswalks.
Click here for written directions.

Greg Gadarian teaches

First Wednesdays





“WalkOut” with a Doc

WalkOut this week with Dr. Jon Wang or Dr. Jim Hudson or Dr. Rick Langert, or all of them, assisted by Nancy Milburn and Jannie Cox. Bring your questions about fitness and exercise and ask a doc. The WalkOut is a 1.5 mile walking workout, finishing with stair repeats…yes, as many as you can handle!!

Thanks O2 Modern Fitness and Quality Strength for helping us create the WalkOut.

Click here for more complete description of exercises and route.

Interval walking with
Marjorie Beckland

2nd and 4th Wednesdays

This Wednesday!!



Photos from January 30
Find complete photo album from this week
on our website…Click here.
Also find them on MMM Facebook…click here


Had to lead with this photo, just because it is so spectacular! Larry, Len, Richard, Tom, Bob and Pete on the Island Princess sailing through the Panama Canal. Must be nice guys, but don’t forget us!

Thanks, Dr. Jon Parson’s from Parson’s Training for helping lead the WalkOut. And Jon will be back!

Look’s like she’s having fun!

Beautiful sight!

MMLE Strength has strength in numbers too!

Whoopee, this is such fun!

MMLE has your back.

Tim gets all the pretty girls!

Two shirts for Kathi and Lonnie

Carole wins the earrings from Pierini’s!
  Winning a prize after a great job in the WalkOut.

Phyllis earns her cap!

Three caps for Leila, Ariana and Phyllis

Great time at Blanco Happy Hour!
More happy faces and happy hour     


Get younger with us!!!


We urge you to read the book, “Younger Next Year”. Did you know that 70% of aging is optional? We don’t have to do it. So let’s not! We usually have books at MMLE for $10, or you can order one from Amazon for $12.94, including shipping. It’s an investment you will be glad you made.  RTA


Join Rock the Ages today!! It’s free so you have no excuse, unless you like getting old!You can read the book tomorrow…join today!   


Get with the program…get younger with us!You’re gonna love it! 


Take a look at this link and come with us!  



Sponsored by:

Tucson Medical Center

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

The McCallister Companies

Holualoa Companies

Tucson Orthopaedic Institute

Next Pep Talk January 23

Click here



North logo

Happy Hour menu ’til close!!

Blanco logo

15% discount with hand stamp

Armitage appreciates MMLE Athletes

Armitage extends Happy Hour pricing until 8:00.    

Half price bottles of wine until close  & beer specials 

Details on website. Click on “discounts”.   



RA Sushi offers 15% discount with your MMLE hand stamp! Enjoy their happy hours prices til 7:00, then use your MMLE discount!



SE corner of Skyline and Campbell
Offering 20% off dinner and drinks on Wednesday nights, excluding happy hour items. Also includes an additional 10% off any breakfast, lunch, or dinner, which can be used within the following six days to those who present their receipt from the previous Wednesday meal.
This discount also excludes happy hour items.


NE corner Skyline and Campbell

Happy Hour to close and 15% off dinner menu.

Please consider being an

MMLE Volunteer…it’s fun!

 MMLE is seeking a few good volunteers who want to see a healthy and fit Tucson.

Send us an email if you are willing, or if your Aunt Agatha or Uncle Elmer might be. Or sign up at the check-in table. Look for a clipboard that says, “volunteers”. Thanks

Every volunteer receives three raffle tickets for the drawing. Such a deal!! Just reply to this email and let us know that you would like to help. Thanks a bunch!  


MMLE welcomes the support of the following sponsors:



Meet Me at La Encantada is one of three great community fitness events in the Tucson Metro area.  Wherever you may be, we have a run/walk just for you!

Find info on all of these at www.meetmeatmaynards.com


MMLE is brought to you by Meet Me Concepts.
Jannie Cox and Dave Syverson
and Randy and Tia Accetta
Meet Me Concepts, LLC